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We’re building software with special care. Our first approach is analyzing the market and choosing the best strategy.

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We do not deliver standard results, because we are tailoring the software for your needs. Thanks to that we can deliver you premium results.

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simple & efficient

We're making things simple, so you can easily perform complex things in terms of seconds.

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Web solution

Lisa is a super creative human being. If you open her web, you’ll see exactly what a person she is. And thats one of the most important features that a web for a freelancer has to have.

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Web & web app solution &

Confused is a young company developing unique platform for helping students to discover themselves and find their future path. Sounds simple, but there are tremendous complex systems & algorithms underneath to secure the most accurate analytic outputs. It starts with the web development going over the online testing to the own “in-house” developed solution for managing a huge variety of data.

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GAME & WEB solution

Gods of life - work in progress

Gods of Life is a strategic board game made into a game playable on PCs. The game is situated in early beginnings, when are various races waking up and building firsts settlements. You’ll take control of one of many gods available and fight with other players in multiplayer.


If you are looking for a job not only done but polished into perfection, Matthew is someone to choose for your next project. He has both front-end and back-end skills developed on a professional level and he's able to take your vision and create a live and functional product.

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